Since 2001, My Internet Support has been providing high-quality Internet solutions to different kinds of consumers. We take pride in having grown with the Internet and discovering numerous ways on how to continuously improve anyone’s online experience.

We have provided design and support to some of the largest wireless networks in the world. With over 60 man-years of accumulated knowledge, engineering, development, and support in-house, you can rest assured that we can and will deliver on our commitment to help you reach your goals!

Property-Wide WiFi Management

Wireless Internet service providers that cater to several units or residences in a single property will encounter unique challenges and scenarios. It’s crucial to receive guidance from seasoned ISP’s because wrong decisions can lead to costly patch-ups.

We can make it easier. We WILL make it easier.

Electronically sign up new customers

Manage all billable services from one web-based application

Consolidate services and billing and provide a single invoice

Residents can choose from multiple payment options to ensure prompt payments

Automate billing, reminders, and fees

Enjoy complete services control with a simple on/off switch at the resident level

Manage digital and physical assets

Use delinquency controls to limit access to services, assess late fees, and issue automated reminders for past-due invoices across multiple communication channels

Complete Cost-Effective ISP Billing Solution

My Internet Support is here to simplify the billing experience. We will consolidate all communication, tracking, and billing into a single place so that WISPs/ISPs can evaluate and target services that will lead to increasing and sustaining revenue.

For any Internet Service Provider, billing can be a pain. That’s why we’ve come up with the following features, which are already available as a service in the cloud:

Built-in ticketing and event scheduling system

Built-in payment processors

Take advantage of the following features:

Customer payment portal

Built-in inventory system

Flexible plans and products




E-mail to US Mail (Coming soon!)

RADIUS supported

Built-in device provisioning

Hotspot module

Voice module

Handles CDRs

Handles DIDs and provisioning

Cost-Effective Call Center Solution

Your customers will likely run into issues while using your Internet service, which is why it’s important to give them a simple way of raising their concerns and challenges. Our call center team is ready to assist them and provide the best possible solutions to their connectivity problems.

Live phone calls

Tier 1 and

Tier 2 support

Live Chat /

email support

24/7/365 support – Someone will always be available to provide assistance!

Voice over IP / Hosted PBX

Managed, multi-tenant PBX based on FreeSwitch / FusionPBX in the cloud

Referral to one of our VoIP gateways or you bring your own trunks

Recommendations on most suitable hardware for customers

Hardware provisioning for customers


Conducted several Mikrotik training classes (both brick-n-mortar and online)

Mikrotik Certified Trainer

Other training courses to be developed as needs or customer requirements arise, such as:

Routing protocols (BGP, OSPF)

Wireless Infrastructure (Licensed, Unlicensed)

Wired Infrastructure (Fibre, Copper, DSL)

MPLS Infrastructure

VPLS Infrastructure

Voice Over IP (QoS, Queues)

Managed Services

Provide services to customers that do not have an IT department.

Provide equipment for lease or sale to be managed by us.

Consult with customers that need major data and/or voice consulting to potentiallyfix things that are broken or design totally new infrastructures for them.

Tailor managed services especially for the Wireless ISPs.

Take advantage of our expertise and breeze through the problems that many ISPs are struggling to overcome.