is a robust support group and plan.

You’re here because you need both. And you’re where you need to be…

because we can offer both and more!

My Internet Support (MIS) offers more than what you may think. With an experienced and diverse team of professionals, we passionately help businesses grow through laser-focused, effective, and relatively quick solutions.

We are here to help you identify what your business needs to plow through the obstacles that have been stopping you from getting to where you need to be.

Our Services

Call Center

24/7 quality customer support. Make it easier for your consumers to reach out to you regarding their issues. Your awesome products and services deserve its own solid team of support advocates.

Billing Solutions

Simplify the way your loyal customers are billed for their purchases. Have peace of mind, knowing that you’re billing correctly and more efficiently.



  • Marketing
  • Network, Voice, Consulting, and Training (Having communications issues)
  • Analyze existing problems or potential problems and/or design new solutions.
  • Business management.

WISP Solutions and Consulting

Are you looking for solutions that can propel your business forward as a Wireless Internet Service Provider?

Our Solutions

The key quality that MIS possesses is versatility. We adjust to your requirements and walk with you towards your company’s goals, no matter what they may be.

Are you aiming to scale your business and need a reliable contact center to provide the necessary support to your customers as well?

Do you require a solid billing platform that can consolidate and simplify your life as a service provider?

Are you lost in choosing a trustworthy Internet service provider and are unsure what qualities you should look for?

Do you need guidance on how to market your products and services better or how to enhance your online presence?

Your trials will soon turn into triumphs if you have the right team to back you up.

Your Challenges

Taking your business to the next level can be far from simple. It might be hard to believe, but many entrepreneurs find it difficult to successfully identify what the next step is and how they can move from one phase of their business cycle to another. There simply are too many questions to ask and answer and seemingly so little time.

The nature of advertising, investing, and business management can be fluid and ever-changing, especially if you’ll consider a lot of external factors:

Economic climate

Purchasing power of your target market


Shifting preferences of your chosen audience

Ready to give your customers a quicker, simpler, and more personalized experience?