About Us

With a network of complementary solutions and products, we are keenly suited to provide complete operational support for our clients and meticulous care, attention, and service to our client’s customers.


My Internet Support, LLC (MIS), is a leading-edge telecommunications, information technology, and information security services company. MIS was established in 2001 and is widely recognized for exceptional engineering, technical expertise, and customer service, and is called upon repeatedly to provide enterprise, carrier, and government solutions.

As a leader in telecommunications and innovation, MIS has established itself on the forefront of advanced and convergence telecommunication systems and standards. MIS is more than integrators of telecommunication technology, we are innovative creators. We pledge to ensure that the services and support provided to our clients is world class in quality and reliability.

Our Vision

To build a legacy of excellence with the most client-centric company, where our clients can find peace of mind and discover a higher level of efficiency from beginning to end with our solutions and products. 

Our Mission

Around the world, whenever the moment, our team of dedicated professionals is here to make your life less stressful and deliver innovative solutions and products to businesses in the Internet space. 

Corporate Objectives

To respond to customer needs with a ‘solutions’ approach

To constantly upgrade knowledge-base of customer needs and technology 

To have a company culture that rewards efficiency, motivation, and team spirit

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