Secure and Convenient Access Management with MDU Solutions

With MDU Solutions' cutting-edge access control solutions, you can ensure enhanced safety and convenience for residents, property managers, and service providers, while seamlessly integrating with the MDUware billing and control platform.

MDU Access Control Solutions specializes in providing cutting-edge access management systems designed specifically for multi-dwelling unit (MDU) properties. Our comprehensive solutions ensure enhanced safety and convenience for residents, property managers, and service providers. By seamlessly integrating with the MDUware billing and control platform, our access control systems offer unparalleled efficiency, security, and ease of use, fostering a secure and well-maintained living environment.

Smart Access Management

Our advanced access control systems utilize state-of-the-art technology to provide residents and property managers with a seamless and user-friendly experience. We offer a range of access options, including key cards, key fobs, biometrics, and multi-digit codes, allowing residents to choose the method that best suits their preferences and needs. Additionally, our systems provide property managers with centralized control over access points, enabling them to efficiently monitor and manage entry to common areas, amenities, and individual units.

Integration with Billing and Control Platform

MDU Access Control Solutions are designed to work harmoniously with the MDUware billing and control platform, providing a unified and efficient approach to MDU management. This integration allows property managers to seamlessly monitor and control access events, review usage data, and update access permissions, all from a single user-friendly interface. Furthermore, the platform’s ability to automatically disable residents’ access to amenities when they fall behind on their fees ensures timely payment and fair use of facilities, contributing to a well-maintained and harmonious community environment.

Enhanced Security and Monitoring

By implementing our advanced access control systems, MDU properties can significantly enhance the security and safety of their communities. Our systems provide real-time monitoring and tracking of access events, allowing property managers and security personnel to quickly identify and address any unauthorized entry attempts or security breaches. This heightened security level helps deter potential criminal activities, ensuring a safe and secure living environment for all residents.

Scalable and Adaptable Solutions

MDU Solutions Access Control is designed to be scalable and adaptable, ensuring our systems can grow and evolve alongside your MDU community. As your property expands, our access control systems can be seamlessly scaled to accommodate additional access points and residents, maintaining a consistent and efficient security experience. Furthermore, our solutions are compatible with a wide range of existing infrastructure and can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of your MDU property.

Streamlined Visitor Management

We understand the importance of managing visitor access securely and efficiently. Our systems include innovative visitor management features, allowing property managers and residents to easily grant temporary access to guests, service providers, and delivery personnel. By generating unique access codes or temporary credentials, our solutions ensure that visitor access is limited to specific timeframes and areas, enhancing the overall security of your MDU property. This streamlined approach to visitor management simplifies the process for residents and property managers. It contributes to a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere within the community, striking the perfect balance between security and convenience.


In conclusion, MDU Access Control Solutions is committed to providing comprehensive access management systems that enhance multi-dwelling unit properties’ safety, security, and convenience. By leveraging the power of the MDUware billing and control platform and employing cutting-edge access control technologies, we create secure and well-maintained living environments for residents, property managers, and service providers alike. Partner with us and experience the difference that advanced access control solutions can make for your MDU community.

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